In Nepal, we estimate that there are over 100,000 children working in hazardous situations.

These children are extremely vulnerable and often suffer from physical, emotional and sexual abuse. We rescue children, keep them safe and reunite them with their families. Child Rescue Nepal has rescued and rehabilitated over 800 children but our work is far from over. We want to end child trafficking in Nepal and we won’t stop until every child is free.

Children being rescued in Nepal

Traffickers Expose Children To

Physical Explotation


Missed Education


Poor Health


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Child Rescue Nepal is one of a small handful of charities that physically rescue children from traffickers in Nepal.

With more people globally exploited for hard labour than at any other point in history, we know our work is desperately needed. Child Rescue Nepal is on the ground, removing children from factories, restaurants, hotels and construction sites where they are held captive. We take the children to our safe house and provide them with medical care and counselling. The next step is tracing their families and safely reuniting them, providing ongoing support where necessary.


So far we have rescued over 800 children and reunited the majority of those children with their families. We have also prevented 50,000 children from being trafficked through our education programmes. But there are thousands more who need our help.

2018 Achievements

    • 17,139 children safe in school through teacher training, midday meals, anti-trafficking workshops and bursaries.


    • 24 children reunited with their families.


    • 17 reunited families provided with ongoing support.


    • 16 boys rescued from metal work factories and brick kilns where they were regularly beaten.


    • 8 new classrooms built benefitting 337 students and many more in the years to come.


    • 8 young people left our care to become self-sufficient adults.


    • 6 girls rescued from sexual exploitation and taken to the safety of Marigold House.


    • 6 rescued children academically supported to pass their Secondary Education Examinations.


    • 6 boys rescued from restaurants, where they worked for no pay.


    • 5 new school toilets constructed benefitting 1,519 students.


    • 2 children rescued from a hostel following a tip off from a member of the public.


    • 2 rural schools provided with water improving the health of 741 children.


    • 100,000 people reached with daily radio jingles highlighting the tricks of traffickers.

Conditions in Nepal mean that children living there are at particular risk of being trafficked.

As one of the world’s poorest countries, a quarter of Nepalis are living in poverty.[1] The developing economy is heavily reliant upon agriculture and tourism making Nepal Particularly vulnerable to events such as the devastating earthquake of 2015, which claimed 9,000 lives and destroyed 500,000[2] homes and livelihoods all over the country.


In addition to this, it is common in Nepal for children to begin working at a relatively young age to boost their family incomes. These factors combine to make Nepali children easy prey for traffickers, or families simply looking to improve their incomes and not realising the danger that they are sending their children into.

Click to view [1] CIA World Fact Book

Click to view [2] Nepal Earthquake Fact Sheet No 20

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Nepal Fact File

    • Population: 29,815, 535


    • GDP – per capita (PPP): $2700 (ranked 32nd poorest country in the world)


    • Ethnic groups and languages over 100


    • Living in rural areas 80.3%


    • Population in poverty 25.2%


    • People living in modern trafficking 171,000


    • Population living in modern trafficking 0.59%


    • Population vulnerable to modern trafficking 44.13%


    • Earthquake in 2015 killed 9,000 and injured 22,000


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