The Big Give

Can you help the people of Nepal
recover from Covid-19


Please help us support vulnerable children in Nepal – whether that be through rescues, emergency food parcels or equipment for remote rural schools. And you can give twice as much as you think this Christmas! Every pound you give will once again be doubled by the Big Give.


Nepal is still reeling from Covid-19. As you will have read in the news, the Delta variant from India passed through the country like wildfire, causing huge suffering – and many more deaths than officially reported. The military enforced severe lockdowns which led to deep hardship and starvation as people were unable to work for extended periods of time.


Schools closed for months and have only just reopened. Worryingly, it has been reported that many teenage girls will never go back to their education. In addition, families under extreme pressure have resulted in an increase in child trafficking.


Our response
We will continue with our key mission of rescuing children who have been trafficked from the villages to the city, expanding our service to care for Covid-19 orphans if needed. We will provide care, counselling and medical assistance for rescued children. We will trace their families and support them to go home – if it is safe for them to do so.


In addition, we will supply masks and sanitiser to rural schools so that they can reopen and operate safely. We will also continue to distribute emergency food parcels to starving families in rural communities where adults have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 and lockdowns.

Mr Dipendra’s story

“I am the headteacher at Kalika Secondary School. We teachers were in such a dilemma when the government decided to reopen schools. They said that schools can reopen by following safety measures, but I wondered how that would be possible. How can we manage the risk with such large numbers of children? I knew that the teachers could just about afford masks and sanitiser for themselves, but what about all the children? I was really in such a dreadful situation and felt a big tension about the children whose parents are very poor. If they can’t even afford to feed their children, how can they afford masks and sanitiser?


So, I decided to share my situation with Child Rescue Nepal, who are like a close friend to us after supporting our poorest students with bursaries. After a week, CRN came here to our school with large supplies of masks, hand sanitiser and soap. I was so happy I cried! I felt relieved knowing that we can reopen again safely and manage the risk of Covid-19 within the school. My entire team and I would like to thank CRN for providing us with such amazing support in such a difficult situation and enabling us to bring back children to school again.”


Can you help us get children back to school?
It is a little-known fact that children attending school are much less likely to be trafficked; it is the children hanging around the villages that are more likely to become victims. With your help, we can provide the practical safety equipment that schools need to safely reopen and encourage children back to school. Not only will they be safer, they will also be receiving a vital education which is key to unlocking future opportunities – especially for girls.


This year we are once again participating in the Big Give. The Big Give is a matched funding scheme which means that for every donation you make our sponsors will double it. This greatly increases the number of children we can help with your money this Christmas.


If you would like to give your Christmas gift via the Big Give, check back here on 30th November. Click the button below and it will take you to our Big Give page where your donation will be doubled. It is quick and easy, but if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us!