The Big Give

Help us keep Nepali girls safe from traffickers


This Christmas we are launching an appeal to keep Nepali girls safe from traffickers. We want to raise funds to rescue and care for girls who are trapped in desperate situations, as well as delivering anti-trafficking workshops and activities to prevent girls from being trafficked in the first place. Once again all donations will be doubled through the Big Give.


Rita’s home life was miserable. Her alcoholic father used to hit her mother almost every day, and Rita couldn’t bear watching so much violence in her own home. Her mother bravely decided to leave Nepal and find a job in the Middle East. The recruitment agent suggested that she leave her daughter in a hotel where she could attend school and help out in the evenings. Rather naively, her mother agreed and left for Kuwait.


At first, the hotel owner admitted Rita to school, but her happiness was short-lived. Her list of jobs kept increasing, and soon she was doing all the cleaning, cooking and washing. She had to drop out of school to keep up with the relentless tasks, working from early in the morning until late at night. The evenings were worse. When the customers got drunk, they teased her and touched her inappropriately – with the hotel owner watching but remaining silent.


I forgot how to laugh
The worst was still to come. One day when the owner’s wife was away, he sexually assaulted Rita. He said that if she told anyone what had happened, he would kick her out of the hotel and she would have to live on the street. He continued to take advantage of her at every opportunity. Rita says of those days that she completely forgot how to laugh.


One day our team spotted her at the hotel and sensed that something wasn’t right. They asked her what was wrong, but she was too scared to say anything. They shared stories of other girls who had been rescued and then, full of tears, she led them to a quiet place behind the hotel and told her story.


Rita was quickly rescued and brought to Marigold House, our safe house for survivors, where she has started her long road to rehabilitation. Rita was understandably traumatised, and it took a while for her to trust others. But slowly she started to engage with activities such as dance classes, which led to her enrolling at school. (We have changed Rita’s name to keep her safe.)


Can you help us reach more girls like Rita?

With an estimated 23,000 women and girls trafficked in Nepal each year, Rita’s experience is far from unique. The simple truth is that if we hadn’t found her, she might still be there. Faced with stigma and shame, many girls keep quiet about their abuse. Like Rita, they are fearful of their abusers and live under the threat of violence or homelessness.


Every gift you make this Christmas will help save even more girls from a life of fear and give them back their childhoods. Just £36 pays for a week of care at Marigold House, our home for survivors of sexual abuse. Here, girls like Rita receive medical attention and counselling as they rebuild their lives. An anti-trafficking workshop in a rural area costs just £200, and could reach hundreds of girls and their families, educating them on the tricks of traffickers.


What has become of Rita?


Rita has just completed her Secondary Education Examination and is in the process of applying to law school. Rita says: “Words aren’t enough to thank the organisation for rescuing me. I was in such a miserable state. But I have been supported to get justice and now I want to qualify as a lawyer to provide justice for other girls like me.”


Over the past twenty years your generosity has enabled us to rescue nearly 950 children from a life of slavery. Please help us to reach others like Rita by giving them the gift of hope and freedom this Christmas.


This year we are once again participating in the Big Give. The Big Give is a matched funding scheme which means that for every donation you make our sponsors will double it. This greatly increases the number of children we can help with your money this Christmas.


If you would like to give your Christmas gift via the Big Give, check back here on 30th November. Click the button below and it will take you to our Big Give page where your donation will be doubled. It is quick and easy, but if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us!