Young boy rescued from a metalwork factory

Young boy rescued from a metalwork factory

We are very pleased to let you know that this week we rescued a 13-year-old boy and brought him to safety. He had been working in a dirty and dangerous metalwork factory.

National lockdowns, Covid-19 and changes in government personnel have been hampering our rescues; many places are locked up, with children out of sight and out of reach.

We received a tip off from someone in our network that a young boy had been spotted working in a metalwork factory. We quickly contacted the local police who were able to act immediately.

The boy was washing his hands as we entered the factory. When he saw the police he was scared and tried to escape, but we were able to reassure him. He said he was 14 but he seems much younger – 13 or even 12.

The boy is now safe in our Transit Home. He has been given a PCR Covid test and is being kept in a separate room until we get the results. We know he comes from the Solukhumbu district and hasn’t been in Kathmandu for long.

We will find out more in the coming days as we build trust with him, and hope that we will be able to trace his family.

Thank you for your support which enables us to rescue children like this young boy and restore their childhoods to them.

Joanna Bega
Chief Executive