We are so grateful

We are so grateful

Two weeks ago we shared an update from Nepal and asked for your support. You overwhelmed us with your kindness, giving over £8,000 to our appeal. Your quick and generous response meant we could act fast to meet the needs of those in extreme hardship.

We’ve supplied industrial-sized containers of handwash and sanitiser to a community health post, and over 1,000 face masks and gloves. We’ve also started installing water tanks.

In addition, last week our team took a tractor into the rural communities of Makwanpur and delivered 200 food parcels to hungry families.

Devi, who received a food parcel, told us her story:-

“My husband usually collects sand from the riverbed but his work suddenly ended with the lock-down. We tried to ration our food but it soon ran out. We’ve been collecting small fish and crabs from the river and looking for wild yams, but my family hasn’t had a proper meal for 16 days. I have a four-month-old baby, but my milk is not enough for him because there isn’t any food in my body. I have been so worried about him – and my three other children too.

Today we walked for four hours on a difficult road but it was worth it. You have given us enough food for over a month and we feel like the luckiest people in the world. We will make this food last for a long time. Our children will be so happy. We want to express our gratitude because we now have enough to eat and can sleep well. Dherai Dherai Dhanyabad (Thank you so much).”

Thank you for sending help when it was urgently needed. We still don’t know when lock-down will end, but with your support we can keep giving practical help to communities and hungry families.

Thank you
Jo Bega

PS It’s not too late to give to our appeal as there are many families who still need our help. Dherai Dherai Dhanyabad.