Six Girls Rescued

Girls Holding Hands

Six Girls Rescued

We are pleased to share the news that six girls have recently been rescued from dance bars and restaurants in Kathmandu.

In an incredible effort, our partner Shakti Samuha sent out six undercover teams to evaluate girls in the entertainment sector. The team found 19 girls in dangerous situations who were immediately rescued and brought to safety. Six of these girls were under the age of 16 and were transferred to our safe home, Marigold House.

The girls all had difficult stories to tell, but Panita* had a particularly unusual journey. Unlike most of the children we rescue, Panita grew up in a rich family with a large estate. However, her life was changed forever when her father was kidnapped and brutally attacked. After he was rescued by the police, he was left traumatised and the family were forced to sell off their assets to pay for his medical treatment. Sadly, he never recovered and passed away soon afterwards.

The effect on Panita’s family was devastating. Struggling financially, her mother remarried but unfortunately this did not ease Panita’s burden. When she was only 10 years old, her stepfather sent her away to be a domestic worker.

Panita stayed with the family for two years but never received payment for her work, and was frequently verbally abused and beaten. She eventually ran away, but it was not long before she was trafficked into a dance bar. Stuck with another cruel owner, Panita was forced to cook and clean. She was also frequently sexually assaulted by the clients, but the bar owner never defended her.

Panita has now started her slow journey of recovery, supported by trained counsellors and compassionate support staff.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support that enables us to undertake such dangerous but life-changing work.